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The Inspirational Tipping Point Testimonials from Advocis Okanagan School July 14, 2015

Simon had an engaging and vibrant presentation style. I have further confirmation that I need to focus.
Kevin Flynn
Salmon Arm Financial Ltd.

The best part of the presentation was when Simon talked about identifying the back seat driver. I appreciate how Simon supports our industry and his knowledge of what Advocis is doing.
Duncan McLachlan
Francis McLachlan Financial Group

It was direct speak presented in an engaging way. The presentation had a broad scope but wasn’t confusing, and had specific help. I like the whole amygdala thing!
Kelly Taylor
The Tower Group

I liked that Simon talked about giving myself permission and the private time to complete my business plan. I received an ego reminder.
Sheila Venables
Venables Financial Inc.

I enjoyed the values first discussion! Simon commented on everything I’ve been struggling with lately.
Jake Lockhart
Quail Ridge Financial Services

The presentation was easy and clear to following. It got me excited again and ignited my passion for helping others.
Dan Piché
Freedom 55 Financial

I liked the two questions to ask clients that Simon provided, and I will use these in my feedback system. I also liked receiving the free material.
Ray Kasten
TD Wealth Financial Planning

Simon pointed out why I struggle in a simple and easy-to-understand way, and how I need to live from inspiration. I know how to get focused! I also liked the business plan.
Ashleigh Fonseca
Sun Life Financial

I enjoyed Simon’s information and enthusiasm. He talked about the amygdala (limbic brain) and the fears that can take over, and how to control our fears to achieve success. He also talked about how to get client commitment, with the interaction, and asking the right questions.
Sharen McRae
Sun Life Financial

“The best part of the presentation was when he talked about the amygdala. It was a new look at the things that get in the way of success.”
David Edgeley
Freedom 55 Financial

I have a better understanding of how my mind works. It was a very inspirational, introspective presentation.
Rusty Braken
Peacock Sheridan Group

It was an intelligent presentation. Simon was easy to listen to and fluent. It applied to me.
Carrie Ford
Tim Dyck Financial Services

I loved the focus on recruiting. I enjoyed his focus on feedback of ‘value adds’ with clients and the emphasis on how very important it is. The amygdala explanation/analogies were very good!! Simon gave a positive, clear, concise format and material to deliver disclosure (fee) to clients starting now!
Adriana Rogic
Sun Life Financial