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Advocis Calgary Sales Congress – Achieve Success in Any Economy & The One Page Business Plan – Speaking Testimonials – April 28, 2016

“I enjoyed Simon’s energy as well as the content of the presentation and would like to do a workshop with Simon.”
Lavi Maxin

“I appreciated that Simons’ presentation was to the point and offered actual tools, instead of just motivating me to action. Plus he presented a great script on the new fee disclosure.”
Carla McWaid
Live Now

“I enjoyed learning about our innate logic and motivation as well as our emotional bank account.”
Daniel Gillis
Olympia Benefits Inc. – Westshield Financial Solutions Inc.

“I learned the a difference between motivation and inspiration, and how unmet needs lead to judgment.”
Jill Chambers
Wealth Co.

“Simon helped me to see the value I offer to prospects, and also taught me the difference between motivation and inspiration.”
Ken J. Nephin
Investors Group

“I like the idea of turning my life around by making changes in the way I operate my business. Simon gave me a very inspirational and workable plan.”
Karim Damji

“Simon explained the importance of understanding value and my value to clients. I now have a better understanding of the negative self talk as well as the amygdala. ”
Garry M. Nanninga

“I liked the focus of the entire presentation.”
Daniel Botha
Sun Life