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Achieving Success in Any Economy Speaking Testimonials from NAIFA Portland Winterfest, February 6th, 2015

Simon “fleshed out” a process that has been around for some time but also offered a very practical approach to how to use it!
Christopher Boon

I didn’t expect that you would speak my language. Thank you. It had ‘Deep Thinking’ – I’ve been working to improve my process and now I have some more changes.
Rachel Novak
Broad River

Discovered I’m getting my needs meet from anyone/thing but myself. I liked the unmet need concept, doing vs being, automated hiring system and the creating content on LinkedIn.
Kim Kelly
Oregon Insurance Lady

It had great questions and explanation of the difference between motivation and inspiration.
Joshua Tomeoni
Broad River

Simon was very clear and specific with new information and actions to do.
Garry Liday
Garry F. Liday Corp & Retirement Asset Managers Inc.

I liked the tie to worthiness vs sustainable performance and that this could drive the lack of referrals.
Jeff Garver
Country Financial

Great summary of all the motivational information out there.
Robert Barnard
Primerica Financial Services

I learned that the inspiration to make changes that are needed affirmed most of my behavior.
Paul A. Hagemann
State Farm Insurance

There was more information on business planning than I expected! Excellent! Thank you!
Michelle Dreug

I was very satisfied with the speaker breaking down the business plan concept along with pointing out the obvious – “delegate and let go” as we are all doing too much busy work. I really appreciate the motivation to action which is necessary in being successful. It is nice to know there is a process to help with my behavioral characteristics that tend to hold my back.
Brian C. Poppa
Jones & Associates

I liked the idea to think about your plan and put it in writing. Plus the value structure for advisors and the need to have a plan so you can satisfy clients unmet needs.
Carroll Gong
Carroll Gong Insurance

It was fluid, precise and hard hitting. Simon talked about the brain – how our amygdala affects our thoughts.
Chuck Beeler
Don David and Associates

I liked the immediate connection with The Presentation Values and the details needed to properly complete a plan.
Wayne Person
Person Planning

I realized that I need to get re-motivated in my business in order to work less and enjoy life again.
Craig Jackson
Jackson Financial Services

Simon gave us action plan ideas that are very specific along with the one page plan ideas.”
Sergei Vassilenko
Key Investment Services

Simon was very energetic. I learned how to keep clients and keep them being young. I liked how he talked about us. It got me motivated.”
Brandon Noriega-Arana
Colonial Life

It was practical application ideas on business plans and building ideas around ‘why’.
Damon Winter
On Mark Asset Management LLC

I liked the picture created regarding the problem of the back seat driver, what is the significance of the why it occurs. It had a richness of exploring the implications of unmet needs on my business, and the impact of exploring this on living life fully.
Beulah Hess-Yodee
Retirement Security Inc.

I liked the explanation of how success is about why no how or what. I didn’t expect to be inspired about how I can conduct better business and that my biggest hurdle is myself.
Megan Irinaga
Robinson Financial Group

It was a new infusion of inspiration to cause me to act now because of why not what or how.
Mike Irinaga
Colonial Life

I liked the emphasis on organizing and the need to utilize technology and to ask for a referral at start of meeting.
Craig Huhler
Stephen A Kohn & Assoc

I enjoyed the inspiration – from within vs motivation – true character, the one page business plan in detail, and the consultative questions.
T. Om Sukheenai
Chehalem Insurance Associates