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7 Actions to Take Now to Meet and Exceed Your Goals Testimonials from NAIFA – La Vista, NE – May 10, 2012

Great Information and well put together. Simon gave us some immediate takeaways, useful pieces that I can use tomorrow in my business.
Tom Wilkinson
Heritage Financial Services

I liked the recognition of the LILI program and how your program compares. I received a renewal of much of the LILI training.
Debra J. Sindt
Thrivent Financial

It looks like a plan that I could use. I didn’t expect to receive the free newsletter.
Faye Osborn
Financial Network

Good information on values, goal setting and planning with a more in-depth look at integration between planning, delegating and values.”
Brian Phares
Phares Financial Services

I liked the ‘empty mind’ exercise you shared. I’m always running, multitasking and doing-being, not a human being.
Mary Kramer
Holmes Murphy

I liked the ideas that were generated, in particular the idea of a one page business plan and how to clear my mind.
Pat Hoefener
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Nebraska

Amazingly enough, I liked the ‘Empty Your Mind’ and the importance of centering my focus by not being distracted. Values are affected by ‘unmet needs’ and it really pointed out the true importance of taking care of all our needs. “
Douglas A. Palank
Central Financial Services

The presentation moved along with lots of ideas. I received more than I expected.”
T. Jay DiBacco
Wealth Makers

Simon had good concepts that I can use in my business, in particular using vision, values and objectives in my business.”
Travis Lewis
Ohio National

In addition to what I got this morning at your AM presentation, more great additional tips.”
Todd Gaswick
First Command

The presentation was fast moving and to the point; it gave plenty of food for thought. We received the One Page Business PlanTM
Tom Bosshardt
Thrivent Financial

I liked the journal idea. I have a much better understanding of a business plan.
Daniel Duren
Benefit Management 

I enjoyed the information about the One Page Business PlanTM . I need to implement this tool in my life! I did some research in January on this but put it aside after the 1st quarter. You had great ideas on how to get focused and hold ourselves accountable as our agency lacks this.”
Brandy Barrett
Western Insurors

I liked the introduction to the One Page Business PlanTM
Stephanie Brock

Very energetic and informative presentation with lots of resources.
Steven Rhoades
Farmers Insurance

I liked the ‘Empty Your Mind’ concept and listing your likes and dislikes. We were given information that can apply to many different types of work.”
Brad Utoft
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Nebraska

Simon had solid ideas that can help refocus someone on priority areas.
Kevin Baumberger
New York Life

Simon’s material is clear and simple to understand, and materials I can use today in business.
John J. Meneely
Lifetime Financial Group

I really like the concept/tool of getting out of overwhelm. We received insight into work and personal life as to why some things are still incomplete.”
Ann Naderhoff
Midlands Financial Benefits

I liked the ‘Empty Your Mind’ exercise to do at the beginning of the year and being stimulated to refocus.”
Neal Thomas
Brokerage Services/Transamerica

Simon gave a “how to” explanation for each step and gave us the opportunity to get the One Page Business PlanTM .”
Pat Small
Benefit Management

It helped me realize what I need to do to get focused and organized. We received ideas on planning daily, quarterly, etc.”
Becky Manning
Thrivent Financial For Lutherans