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NAIFA Sales Caravan Event, Waterloo, Iowa – Speaking Testimonials – November 12, 2010

“I enjoyed the idea of journaling about my values so they are reinforced and give me focus.”

Steve Dewey
Financial Decisions Group

“I enjoyed everything! I especially enjoyed the unmet needs that can drive us and interfere with success, and the importance of identifying values and excuses. Simon presented good, quality tools that can be used in business.”

Kathy Folkerts
Northwestern Mutual

“It helped me realize my strengths and weaknesses.”

Dennis Litherer
Financial Decision Group

“I enjoyed the energy behind the presentation and the breadth of ideas presented. It was very good.”

Mark Platte
SBT Investment Services

“It was a reminder of the power of goals, a plan for work, family, finances and faith, and time management. I have a renewed focus to help establish a transition plan for my business.”

David Beaty
Heartland Financial Services

“Simon gave great, meaningful quotes and inspiration! I now have a plan to deal with negative thoughts and overwhelming tasks.”

Jon Fortune
Transamerica Life Insurance

“Simon was enthusiastic, knowledgeable and presented with style.”

Bruce Buhr
ING Financial Partners

“Simon presented an excellent point that values are the DNA of vision. I enjoyed the passion of the presentation.”

Brot Trasamar
Thrivent Financial

“He reminded me of what needs to be done to focus on my business versus the sell, sell, sell attitude.”

Ron McDonald
Bradley –Beck & McDonald