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NAIFA Sales Caravan Event, Des Moines, Iowa – Speaking Testimonials – November 11, 2010

“Simon reminded me of the things I’m not doing and should be doing with my business.”

Randy Kruse
Farm Bureau Financial Services

“Simon was right on. It brought me back to when I was the #1 producer in my first year.”

Roy Blier

“Very interest and engaging with lots of insight.”

Rhonda Fitchett
Axa Advisors

“Simon has a down to earth manner. What he said made sense. He was very easy to listen to.”

Char Granstra
Axa Advisors

“He had great ideas and motivation.”

Joan Schreier
Farm Bureau Financial Services

“I really enjoyed Simon’s enthusiasm. He believed in what he was presenting.”

Erin Kies
Tim Horsey Agency

“It was a wakeup call for me. It made sense.”
Robert Scmitz
Schmitz Financial Group

“Energizing presentation. Good take home material.”

Richard Renfro
Northwestern Mutual

“Authentic presentation. You can tell Simon believes in what he is doing. He is contagious and enthusiastic.”

Mike Nash
MG Nash Financial Solutions Inc.

“Simon is an enthusiastic speaker. He was very positive and provided excellent motivation. He was ‘above the crowd’. Good work Simon!”

Connie McWilliams
McWilliams Agency

“Simon exudes the values he talks about. I have a newly lit fire in my belly to believe in what I do and to believe in myself.”

Tamara List

“I was inspired.”

Gari Stuckel
Thompson & Associates

“Very energetic speaker. Simon kept the attention of everyone in the room. Very interesting! Thanks!”

Merle D. Milne
Hawkeye Brokerage Center

“You kept it lively. You injected your personality and smiled. I knew I was in for a good speech.”

Pete Hawkinson
Farm Bureau Financial

“You had an abundance of knowledge of personal and business practices.”

Brandon Steffe
American National Insurance