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NAIFA Sales Caravan Event, Des Moines, Iowa – Speaking Testimonials – November 10, 2010

“Simon’s an enthusiastic speaker. I enjoyed the emphasis on vision and planning, focus on internal psychological issues, and your willingness to share this information.”

Nathan Wells
Mass Mutual

“He is passionate and committed to his story and helping people be successful. He showed that I can have the passion and vision to be the best.”

Tim Retz
American Trust

“Simon went step by step to develop the process with my ‘addicted to selling’ partner. I loved the focus on 90 days and the business plan.”

Susan Marcum
Retirement Solutions Group, Inc.

“You’re positive and enthusiastic. Your truthful message really hit home with me and my business practice. You made me realize how much room I have to grow and restart my business practice in a positive way.”

Kris Wright
MML Investors Services

“You showed a system that provided possibilities partnered with accountability.”

Tom Hallstrom
The Guardian Capital Financial Strategies Group

“You had energy and passion! Your thoughts on the unmet needs applies to all areas of life.”

Jeremy Heilskov

New York Life

“A simple yet powerful idea that will work to build a sustainable business and personal life.”

Paul Koeniguer
Ameriprise Financial

“I know I can reach what I want to accomplish – by starting today. I can do it.”

Robert Grieser

“I had my eyes opened again and learned the importance of clearing the mind.”

David Nichols
MML Investors Services Inc.

“Lots of energy and great ideas. It was great encouragement to start doing more.”

Thomas McCoy
North Western Mutual Financial Network

“Very enthusiastic and clearly passionate about your topic.”

Craig Hagkull
Principal Financial Group

“The visual slides and definitions used helped me to understand the thought process. It helped me understand what is blocking me from meeting my goals.”

Jerry Jenkins Jr.
Jerry Jenkins Jr. Insurance Agency

“I appreciated the concept that success all comes down to writing down goals, wishes and values. We all have what we need to succeed so stop making excuses.”

Trent Davis
Davis Life Brokerage

“Your ideas and suggestions are insightful and your presentation was filled with energy.”

Bill Warren
Central Financial Group

“I liked your Planning 2011 process.”

David Mehmen
Principal Financial

“Very energetic… Simon gets you thinking about getting out of unproductive routines. It was a good suggestion to journal and clear your mind so you can think of a plan and be happy.”

Matt Cale
State Farm Agent

“Insightful and inspiring. Simon presented ways to overcome problems we all face and a process to make that happen.”

Melisa Burnett
Farm Bureau Financial Services

“Simon spoke about the unmet needs and how they affect us every day and hinder us personally and professionally.”

Norm Wright Jr.
Met Life

“Passionate presentation with tons of energy. He provided tools to energize planning for 2011.”

James Lunders
State Farm

“A simple but new concept that makes so much sense. I am getting the book to learn more.”

Christina Paterson

“Energetic presentation. You pointed out things that limit us.”

Dave Dykstra
Principal Financial Group

“You gave clear ideas to help remove the negative thinking and start new. You had insight into how negative thoughts impede the implementation of value.”

Dean Siegfried
Siegfried Insurance Agency