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The Psychology Of The Client Interview – It is all about the Questions, the Questions we ask Ourselves and the Questions we ask our Client

Simon Reilly Speaking Topics - The Client Interview

It’s all about Questions, the Questions we ask Ourselves and the Questions we ask our Clients
In a time-based economy you can never demonstrate enough value to justify your fee. In a results-based economy you can never do enough to justify your commission.

Things have changed from a results-based economy to an experience-based economy.

Clients want the experience; they want an advisor who shows up on time, who they can trust, who treats them like family, who finishes what they start and who fulfills their commitment.

You’ve got to make a difference in the way people think and feel about themselves. That’s the real reason clients buy from you and stay committed.

It’s not about an extra quarter percent. It’s about how you make clients feel.

Secure, safe, confident and committed clients will stay as clients.

Customers move on, they care less about how they feel and more about getting the cheapest price.
Customers can get it for a quarter percent less anywhere and they are just customers.

From the very first visit to your website, through telephone, front desk, consultation, delivery and after sales, the client experience can create a brand ambassador or a brand disaster. A happy client becomes an unpaid ambassador of your sales force.

In order for commitment to happen;

  • An advisor has to make a difference in the way they think and feel about themselves
  • An Advisor has to make a difference in the way clients think and feel about themselves

It’s 90% about WHY and 10% about HOW and What to do.

Join Simon Reilly in this value-packed presentation, The Psychology of the Client Interview that includes the moments of truth that will both re-create your commitment to your business and create committed clients for life.

When there is no understanding, there is judgment. When there is judgment, there can be no understanding or inspiration.

– Simon Reilly