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Speaking Attendee Testimonials

“The psychology of client interaction, utilizing consultation Q’s prior to interview. An awareness of values and how they impact our mindset and ultimately our business”
Adam Lachance
Sun Life Financial

“Consideration of our sou. Makes sense to get ourselves sorted out to make who we are shine through”
Julia Easey
IPC Investment Corporation

“An enhanced understanding of how I’m feeling about business and the importance of business planning”
Theresa Pellizzari
Stepright Capital Planning; London Life

“The business plan and the breakdown of psychology of the client interview was very interesting. Simon provided an explanation of how to present the value proposition for what is earned”
Jamie Daglish
Grand Financial Planning

“Simon’s focus on the importance of determining our Values towards our business and understanding our WHY and the impact it makes on our business”
Barry Malcolm
IPC Advisor

“Simon got me thinking about my business structure, process and opportunities with a new mindset on how to position clients for referrals and how to relook at our growth opportunities.”
Michael Evers
The Canadian Estate Planners Inc.

“Amygdala is the issue!!  Simon provided great ideas on how to seek clarity.”
Travis Manning
The Evers Financial Group Inc. 

“Such energy and focus!”
Brian Farley
Four Point Financial

“Simon has an entertaining way of presenting a new way of thinking to move forward!  Made me think more than I anticipated and to challenge the status-quo.”
Ron Clarke

“Amazing presentation explaining the difference between Inspiration and Motivation.  Asking the question ‘Why?’ versus everything else.”
Nathan Brown
Brown Financial Security 

“Very timely advice based on where my business is at right now.”
Michelle Riederer
Gryphin / Worldsource

“Your presentation included great illustrations which made things easier to understand.  Incorporating core values and beliefs which affect us so much through the unconscious mind.  Finding out about “AMYGDALA” and how it controls our lives.”
Linda Cherepa 

“Great energy level, good info about being in touch with emotions (for self and clients).”
Martha White
Mosaic Wealth Planning

“It brought back many things that I should or could be doing. A great focus on personal practices to impact the business, rather than technical”
Abe E. Toews
Beyond Wealth Management
Incoming National President Advocis 2019-2020

“Exactly what I needed at this time!”
Drew Brady
Brady Wealth Strategies

“The session was well organized and “easy” for the advisor to get through the process.  I’ve been through many things like this but something connected with me – unmet needs!”
Adam Calibaba
Calibaba Wealth Management Inc. 

“I had no expectations going into the session, but team leadership and mindfulness were key concepts that stood out for me.”
Darrel Daschuk
Harvard Western Insurance 

“The presentation made me self-assess in a different way.  It was clear to see how it could apply to me.  I also didn’t expect the underlying “feelings” and “values” to be addressed and identified, which was my biggest take away.”
Joel Gartner

“Lots of info to think about and an easy way to process it.  Very simplified.  All the processes you can put in place and easily accessible.”
Kylie Gavelin
SunLife Financial 

“Score either 1 or 10 (no in between) to Q1…inspired to write it down!  Make a plan (that isn’t just in my head).  Business partner and I often discuss, etc., but it isn’t written down.”
Gisele Gherasim
Brothers & Company Financial

“Very specific overview of the tools for advisors to overcome the obstacles for growth.”
Bud Heintz
Heintz Wealth Management 

“Some great insight into my own thoughts.   Simon make me think about how I think negative thoughts.”
Stuart White
Policy Designs 

“Simon provided some great information on time blocking.  Empty your mind – it doesn’t know what it wants, but it always wants!!”
Susan Edwards
First Source 

“Energetic, empowering, clarifying, motivation vs values.  Awesome speaker!”
Brittany Mangrum
Klein Financial Advisors 

“Simon provided an eye opening view on motivation vs values.”
Jaren Tanimoto
Ascent Wealth 

“Simon’s presentation reminded me to get back to business planning with a deeper understanding of the brain and how it affects us.”
Scott Wolters
WHP Financial 

“Very compelling stories in a professional presentation!!”
David Medina
DA Davidson Wealth Management

“Excellent presentation!  Triggered a lot of emotion.  Great speaker.”
Kathy Salter
Independent Financial Group

“The inspiration that Simon brings to his speech is the best!  Thanks for opening up our eyes to the real problems!”
Aldo Rocha
Brent Eastman Insurance Services Inc.

“I gained great insight into who is running my business and why!”
Catherina (Cathy) Mendenhall
Mendenhall insurance Solutions LLC 

“Simon has an unexpected approach to speaking and sharing some great information.”
Darrell Perkins
Kaiser Permanente

“The presentation had a big psychological impact on myself.”
David Nikssarian
Nikssarian Insurance Services Inc.

“Very inspirational / high energy presentation that breaks the information down to get to the root (our values, our compass).”
Gene Fisher

“Simon is a fantastic speaker that helped me see my self-worth.”
Jay Cohen
Jay Cohen Insurance Services

“Simon’s presentation style kept the information flowing at a good pace.”
John R Geoghegan

“Great interactive opening with continued attention grabbers throughout presentation.  I was able to gain advice on how to improve myself as a professional by cleaning my operational system.”
Joy Chai
Anthem Blue Cross

“Realization that there is a definable reason for my own roadblocks.”
Laurrie Pike
Farmers Insurance

“Great presentation on creating your conviction in your own process while bringing self-awareness and focus on my values!”
P J Antonucci
Mass Mutual Tri-State

“The presentation brought me back to the importance of my being and values. Simon also reminded me that I am a human being and that I need to upgrade my personal operating system creating comfort with my value and the importance of my five-year plan.”
Joseph E. Burgard
Goldberg Financial Associates 

“Great concept that your brain fights your soul!”
J R Caiafg
Mass Mutual 

“Great resources in time management and access to our needs/value.”
Annie Chen
Mass Mutual Tri-State 

“The topics in the presentation on acknowledging your negative feelings, forgiving yourself for your negative feelings followed by the rationale on your negative feelings was outstanding. Also, Simon had a great discussion on validating the worth and value that Advisors bring to their clients.”
Michael Godeanu
Mass Mutual Tri-State 

“I loved how Simon got straight to the point and educated us on how to become successful as an advisor. Simon is very engaging and very funny!”
Grace Ham
Mass Mutual 

Great presentation on finding your Why!”
Paul Hansen
Morgan Stanley Wealth Management

“Simon offers a holistic approach to looking at your practice with spiritual underpinnings to his message”
Kandace McCrae
BB&T Insurance Services of California 

“Talking about the difference between Being & Doing and the unmet needs getting in the way of creating success in the business”
Laura Williams
BB&T Insurance Services of California 

“Clear, direct understanding and timing of the message. Some things to consider for our team. A real eye opener for me and my personal growth”
Veronica Ramirez
BB&T John Burnham Insurance 

“It provided a unique line of sight into how much influence we derive from within versus outside factors. Simon provided an understanding of the shift in mindset to a values based assessment of self”
Denise Hujing
BB&T John Burnham Insurance 

“Understanding how our own barriers prevent us from asking for referrals or any other items that create success”
Doak R Belt
Signature Resources Capital Management

“An evolved and interesting thought process about where I am personally and more motivation to look at my business”
Jessica Hardy
Foresters Financial

“The charisma about approaching work and referrals from within oneself, and the advice and tools given to work within to clear the mind and address the anxieties and stress”
Leah Soisson
Farmers Insurance

“Simon offers up Interesting information with values based thinking”
Cheryl Cousino
Foresters Financial