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The Benefits of Financial Advisor Coaching


The Leading Advisor Coaching Program Deliverables

  1. Perspective – The coach provides fresh or different ways of looking at a situation, context.
  2. Validation – The coach validates via encouragement and acknowledgement.
  3. Message – The coach shares fitting knowledge, opinions, or wisdom.
  4. Energy – The coach provides energy and support as needed.
  5. Solution – The coach shares a solution to a problem or issue.
  6. Plan – The coach co-develops a plan of action with the client.
  7. Structure – The coach provides support and a check-in structure for the client.
  8. Resource – The coach suggests/refers client to experts, books, tools, assessments.
  9. Options – The coach expands the number of options the client thought they had.
  10. Caring – The coach cares via listening, patience, safety and love.
  11. Training – The coach trains clients in personal and business skills.
  12. Advice – The coach provides advice via recommendations and suggestions.
  13. Strategy – The coach develops or co-develops a personal or business strategy.
  14. Feedback – The coach offers feedback, observations, insights, ideas and opinions.
  15. Challenge – The coach provides a challenge to the client to stretch or make a change.

What Is Coaching?

Primary Points Which Describe Coaching

1. Coaching is an Empowering Style of Relating

  • The client and coach strive to design a perfect relationship: trusting, challenging, and supportive.
  • The client uses the coach as a resource and takes action weekly to accomplish results.
  • The coach expects a lot of the client, but never puts the result ahead of the relationship.

2. Coaching is a Technology of Development

  • The coach develops a client’s personal foundation so their natural gifts and talents can emerge.
  • The coach helps to have the client’s present be perfect rather than just planning for the future.
  • The coach uses 7 seven advanced tools to promote this growth, but the client does the work.

3. Coaching is a Form of Consulting

  • Like consulting, the client discusses problems and opportunities and asks for information and advice.
  • The client pays a fee, usually monthly, for services rendered.

4. Coaching Focuses on the Entire Person

  • The coach helps the client to have all six areas of life working well together, balanced and integrated.
  • The coach helps the client to strengthen their communication, language and relationship skills.
  • The coach expects the client to set much higher personal standards and excellence.

5. Coaching is an Evolving Profession

  • It is evolving as more and more coaches enter and contribute to the field.
  • The technology is developing rapidly and it is important to keep pace.

What Are The Benefits Of Coaching?

1. More Money

  • Most clients report that they are netting or saving more money after 6-12 months with a coach.
  • When you focus on money and use the coach as a guide, you’ll probably make more of it.
  • The coach can help you significantly reduce your expenses and develop new ways to earn more.

2. More of Life

  • The coach works with all of you and helps to help you integrate what works and get rid of the rest.
  • The coach helps you set goals that mean more to you; no should’s, could’s or ought to’s!
  • The coach expects you to invest in the quality and depth of your life and helps you do it, too.

3. More of a Network and Community

  • Personal and professional success comes more easily when you have a strong network.
  • The coach will work with you to attract high quality people and opportunities.
  • The coach will help you strengthen the network and community you already have.

4. Better Decisions

  • When you are willing to discuss ideas and concerns with someone who is independent, yet subjective, you’ll usually make better decisions.
  • A mirror always helps. Winners are always willing to get feedback and ideas from others.
  • Sometimes the coach acts like an insurance policy and points out the danger areas you can’t see.

5. Faster Development

  • If you’re interested in “growing yourself”, the coach can double your rate of development.
  • The coach can help you zero in on the blocks to resolve them so you can move forward.
  • Some coaches work with clients who are ready to complete their development.

6. Fewer Problems

  • A coach will help you extend your boundaries so far, that trouble stops coming near you.
  • A coach often helps clients significantly raise their standards so that problems aren’t caused!
  • When clients work on goals that express their values, they have less chance for mischief.

7. Great to Have a Partner

  • Nothing worth doing is worth doing alone.
  • When you’re a company leader, you NEED someone to hang out with and discuss the tough stuff.
  • With a coach, you have a partner who won’t keep the profits.

Why Does Coaching Work?

The Seven Pillars of Coaching

1. There is a Synergistic and Professional Partnership

  • The coach is independent, yet very subjective. The coach has a single job: support the client.
  • The coach/client relationship is an equal one, which can be the model for the client’s other relationships.
  • Payment is made. The coach is not a best friend or a business partner.

2. Supportive, Frequent Meetings and Structure

  • The client meets, often by telephone, with the coach regularly, often weekly, vs. “just when needed”.
  • The client works on goals and projects between these meetings and as a result, has focus.
  • The coach is always “there” in spirit and the client can draw on this support. It’s very helpful.

3. Focus is on the Whole, not Just Parts

  • With the coach, the client invests in strengthening their Personal Foundation, to make life easier.
  • Both business and personal goals are integrated into the coaching to ensure balance and fulfillment.

4. Better Goals are Set

  • The client sets only those goals which are truly wanted and for which he/she is ready; no should’s.
  • Higher goals than usual are set thanks to the support now available in the relationship.
  • Goals are based on integrity and true values, so they are more reachable.

5. The Truth is Shared

  • When the client can see and say the truth, freedom and results occur much faster, with less work.
  • The coach helps the client to develop language to fully express Self and articulate truth.
  • The coach helps the client to get to the truth or source of what’s happening vs. working on symptoms.

6. Client Takes Effective Action

  • Focus in on awareness and action; not just on understanding life, but creating it actively.
  • The client is willing to experiment with actions that accelerate growth.
  • The coach makes sure the client is taking the smart actions vs. just being busy.

7. The Technology of Attraction is Applied

  • The client is developed to be able to attract what they need and want vs. chasing it or trying hard.
  • The client raises standards and extends boundaries so fewer problems occur.
  • The client invests in him/herself and feels much better about self, and as a result, better stuff occurs in life.

Courtesy of and copyrighted by Coach U, Inc., www.coachu.com

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