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We’re Grateful to These 2016 Clients

Congratulations to the following Leading Advisors that we have had the honor to work with in 2016. Each one has strong values, along with the vision, mission and purpose to be extraordinary, providing extraordinary service to all of the clients that they serve.

I understand myself now at a much deeper level.
Kelly Aikens
H&A Financial Advisors
Regina, Saskatchewan


With the Values and Behaviours Assessments the lightbulb lit up.
Roland Barrera
Roland Barrera Insurance
Corpus Christi, Texas


I’m more organized and much more enthusiastic about the planning process and can already see the fruits of that labor.
Bruce Beaty
Legacy Alliance Inc.
Petaluma, CA


Simon has focused on helping me with why I want to increase production and some of the how to get there.
Dave Beaty
Heartland Financial Services
Cedar Falls IA


We have upgraded executive and management operating systems and are attracting high caliber Advisors and Agency Staff.

Timothy Bellig
Trumark Insurance & Financial Services
Danville, CA


I have the ability to sustain life and exceed any expectations I may have previously set for myself.

Adam Brooks
Brooks Capital Strategies
Bend OR


Simon always guides me to where I can face my issues and actually resolve them.

Neil Bryson
New York Life
For Wayne IN


I did not expect to dig as deep as I have through the coaching program and to receive the important impact on my day to day life.

Edward Dunn
Dunn Co. Insurance And Financial Services
Albuquerque, NM


I gained control, confidence, peace and happiness back in my daily life.

Sherry Flynn
Voya Financial Advisers
Farmington NM


I have been guided to think more about what I can do to improve myself.

Albert Glover
Vanguard Insurance Brokers
Houston, TX


I’m looking forward to more inspiration and joy and less worry as Simon and I continue our work in the future.

Kevin Grady
Grady Financial Network
Spokane, WA

Michele Grassley-Clarke

We’ve been working together for just over four months now, and I’ve already seen a vast improvement in my management company’s productivity and our bottom line.

Michele Grassley Clarke
Executive Director NAIFA-Iowa
Cedar Falls, IA


I find his coaching very helpful and I appreciate having him in my life.

Carol Jackson
Investors Group
Edmonton, AB


I appreciate having an experienced and knowledgeable sounding board with Simon.

Greg Johnson
Johnson Insurance
Bell Plaine IA


Simon’s coaching program helped me to create time for myself and my business.

Frank Mantay
Mantay and Company
Jacksonville, FL


Leading Advisor coaching has helped me truly appreciate my business.

Duncan McLachlan
Francis McLachlan Financial Group


With Simon Reilly, Thomas has hired top rate specialists to meet the day-to-day client demands.

Thomas O’Neill
Thomas O’Neill & Associates Inc.
Vancouver, BC


Simon’s coaching has assisted me with items within myself and business I didn’t even know existed.

Katherine Perez
Richardson GMP
Calgary AB


I’m looking forward to continuing to build my foundation as I grow into an even stronger leader.

Missy Pursley
Morris & Pursley Financial Plans
Brownwood, TX


I am inspired and motivated by the new techniques Simon has given me.

Irma Inés Quiñones
New York Life
San Jose CA


Our company is moving in a better direction. I have a better vision for the future.

Eric Raasch
Raasch Kramer Wealth Management
West Des Moines, IA


Simon’s got this down, I’m practicing with a good guy.

Ed Rousse
National Life Group
Montpelier VT


The coaching helped me re-realize my true potential.

Michael Schellinger
Synergy Annuity


I am now more mentally organized and understand the importance of a strong personal foundation.

Angela Silbernagel
Real Wealth Marketing
Kewaskum, WI


My biggest breakthrough so far has been learning my own values and experiencing clarity.

Jim Silbernagel
Real Wealth
Kewaskum, WI


Because of our work together, I’m one of the top advisors on a national level.

Carl Thoenen
Financial Advisor
Hazelwood, MO


Simon’s guidance has been invaluable in guiding me to become the person I truly am.

Sheila Venables
Venables Financial Inc.
Kelowna, BC


I am now driven to continuously improve my business.

Christophe Voegeli
Clear Focus Financial
Edmonton, AB


The Clearing Process was very interesting, and so was the Empty Your Mind process.

Tom Walsh
TW Group, Inc.
Westmont, IL


I did not expect to go as deep as I have into the feelings and values of my core.

Neil Wilkinson
Financial Decisions Group
Oelwein IA


I now have the confidence and awareness to identify the best path forward in each day to day situation.

Luke Wimsatt
Wimsatt Financial Network
Farmington, NL


There’s more to come and I look forward to continuing to build a solid foundation for my business and personal life.

Randy Wimsatt
Randy Wimsatt Agency
Farmington NM


Simon‘s process really helps to get the big dominos out of the way so that I can get to work.

Steve Wright
Principal Financial Group
Roseville, CA