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Leading AdvisorClear Your Roadblocks™ Corporate Workshop & 60 Day Follow Up Group Coaching Program

The Perfect 1-2 Combination to Give Your Advisors the Spark they Need to Thrive

Oh, and did we mention, that this one day workshop includes 60 days of follow-up!

The one day Clear Your Roadblocks™ Corporate Workshop & 60 Day Follow-up Coaching Program is a 13 Step Process specially formulated to re-ignite the passion of your Advisors. It also helps to clear the roadblocks that have been in the way of the next level of success for so long. Negative patterns will be a thing of the past when your Advisors embark upon this journey with us. Then the 60 Day Follow-up Coaching Program becomes the perfect segue as what your Advisors learn from the workshop takes hold.

Here’s just one CYR success story:

Simon Reilly’s Clear Your Roadblocks Workshop & Coaching Program was significant in that it got the participants to make a decision and commit to their business at another level. I believe that one has to have bullet proof confidence in today’s market and the workshop and the coaching assisted in instilling the values and beliefs that are required to reinforce the foundation. Our advisors gained clarity and perspective on how to change their attitude which in turn changed their thinking contributing to their enthusiasm and improved results in activity that includes calls, warm calls, appointments and the bottom line.

Brian Prochnicki

Regional Director (2010)
Investors Group
Nanaimo, BC

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Do you:

  • Observe the Advisors that you serve making the same mistakes over and over again in relationship to not having a business plan, not managing their time, letting their business run them by not setting priorities or delegating, production is based on the ups and downs in their cash flow, no marketing plan, not asking for referrals, selling too many products and services and giving A level service to C level clients because they are not segmenting their clients?
  • See what needs to change with the Advisors that you are working with, but have run out of ideas about how to make changes?
  • Look for new solutions for Advisor’s problems that seem so simple and obvious?
  • Feel like everything that you are saying to the Advisors that you serve has just become noise to them and they are not taking any notice of the changes that they need to make to take their business to the next level.
  • Find yourself constantly wondering if the Advisors that you are working with on your “team” are really on “on your team”?
  • Get exhausted by the treadmill of seminars and classes that don’t work?
  • Want personalized change for your Advisors, finally?

Want to get started today?

Schedule a complimentary telephone coaching session with Simon Reilly or call 250 248-6012.

In November 2010, NAIFA-Iowa launched a new program to bring MDRT quality speakers to four locations in our state. Simon Reilly of Leading Advisor was one of our speakers. Simon was a joy to work with, and our attendees gave his presentation very high marks. In response to our survey, 95 percent reported taking at least one thing away from the event that they could put to work in their practice immediately and 97 percent felt the program was worth their time away from the office. I personally got so much from his talk that I’ve retained him as my business coach. We’ve been working together for just over four months now, and I’ve already seen a vast improvement in my management company’s productivity and our bottom line.

Michele Grassley Clarke
Executive Director NAIFA-Iowa
Cedar Falls, IA

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Are Your Advisors Ready To Understand & Clear Practice Management Issues Like These?

The Clear Your Roadblocks™ Corporate Workshop & 60 Day Follow-up Coaching Program will teach your Advisors immediate and usable business planning skills to understand the missing link to business planning, asking for referrals and delegation which are the stepping stones to the next level of success in their business.

This is about learning how to regain inspiration.

Inspiration is based on values like communication, listening and wisdom.

Values are the core of all positive beliefs and feelings.

Inspiration is sustainable because it is driven from within.

Motivation is based on unmet needs like recognition, safety and worthiness.

Unmet needs are the core of all negative beliefs and emotions.

Motivation is not sustainable because it is driven from the outside trying to medicate the unmet need with people, places and things.

What Are The Practice Management Issues That Many Advisors Are Facing?

No business plan, no goals, in overwhelm and not asking for referrals just to name a few.

Business Plan and Goals – The unmet need of safety generates the negative beliefs of “I don’t have enough time” and “I don’t have enough money” which fuel the negative emotions of anxiety and fear … hence, the advisor is addicted to survival. It is impossible to build a strong set of values, vision, business plan and goals with this happening. A learned advisor said “most financial advisors are addicted to selling and they will not take the time to build a vision, business plan and goals.”

In Overwhelm – The unmet need of control generates the negative beliefs of “I am out of control” and “no one can do it as good as me” which contributes to the negative emotion of fear. The Law Of Attraction is absolute and with the unmet need of control fueling the negative beliefs and negative emotions, the financial advisor unwittingly will not delegate and if they do, no one will ever be able to do the job as good as them. The unmet needs become their jailor.

Asking For Referrals – Ninety percent of advisors agree that asking for referrals is the number one way to build their business and only fifteen percent actually ask for referrals on a consistent basis. The challenge is the unmet need of approval which generates negative beliefs like “what if they say no” which fuel negative emotions like uncertainty and worry.

“Values are like turtles, they only come out when it is safe.” Unmet needs will dominate ones values, vision, business plan, goals and ability to grow until the unmet need is met from within.

I started worked with Simon over 9 years ago with a mandate to double my income and provide me with more time for myself and my family, and to enable me to work on my business versus always having to work in it. I met and exceeded the mandate within the first year and have forged ahead to build a Financial Services Practice with a strong team of specialists that provide Critical Illness, Group Insurance, Life Insurance and Money Management.

Nelson Deslippe – CFP, CLU, C.H.F.C
Integral Financial Services Inc.
Vancouver, BC

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Here’s what to do to make sure this is the right step for you: