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Clear Your Roadblocks™ Live Coaching

Fact: The Most Frequent Reasons that People Fail to Succeed are the Roadblocks They Place In Front of Themselves

Clear Your Roadblocks™ is the program that will open the Road to Success for you!

Do you:

  • Seem to be endlessly struggling to succeed even though you have all the skills?
  • Know that you should be asking for referrals but you can never get around to it?
  • Have failures that seem to always be based in something you know you should have seen?
  • Feel like your practice is running you and you can’t seem to get your time under control?
  • Try over and over again to get to the top and always seem to lose the race in the 11th hour?
  • Know that your team is underperforming and have no clue what to do about it?
  • Always get passed up by younger, less experienced competitors who are not nearly as qualified?
  • Get bogged down in customer service that you should be delegating so that you can spend more time with your clients?
  • Want someone to help you see the problems so you can finally fix them?
  • Want personalized attention, for once?

Want to Get Started Today?

Schedule a complimentary telephone coaching session with Simon Reilly or call 250 248-6012

I got a call from a director of sales to acknowledge the great summer and year that I am having so far. I’m definitely going to have my #1 best year ever in the business, and he wanted me to know that he had noticed. He asked me, ‘What are you doing?’ I told him, ‘I’m working with Simon Reilly of Leading Advisor who is a financial advisor business coach and speaker that spoke at our Advisor Summit back in June of 2010.

Carl Thoenen
Financial Advisor
Hazelwood, MO

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The Clear Your Roadblocks™ One-on-One Live Coaching Program is the program that you need.

Learn to:

  • Diagnose and understand your roadblocks
  • Fix what is not working
  • Set clear, achievable goals
  • Move to the next level in your performance

Are You Ready To Understand and Clear Practice Management Issues Like These?

The Clear Your Roadblocks™ One-on-One Live Coaching Program will teach you immediate and usable business planning skills to understand the missing link to business planning, asking for referrals and delegation which are the stepping stones to the next level of success in your business.

This is about learning how to regain your inspiration.

Inspiration is based on values like communication, listening and wisdom.

Values are the core of all positive beliefs and feelings.

Inspiration is sustainable because it is driven from within.

Motivation is based on unmet needs like recognition, safety and worthiness.

Unmet needs are the core of all negative beliefs and emotions.

Motivation is not sustainable because it is driven from the outside trying to medicate the unmet need with people, places and things.

I started worked with Simon over 9 years ago with a mandate to double my income and provide me with more time for myself and my family, and to enable me to work on my business versus always having to work in it. I met and exceeded the mandate within the first year and have forged ahead to build a Financial Services Practice with a strong team of specialists that provide Critical Illness, Group Insurance, Life Insurance and Money Management.

Nelson Deslippe – CFP, CLU, C.H.F.C
Integral Financial Services Inc.
Vancouver, BC

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What Are The Practice Management Issues That Many Advisors Are Facing?

No business plan, no goals, in overwhelm and not asking for referrals just to name a few.

Business Plan and Goals – The unmet need of safety generates the negative beliefs of “I don’t have enough time” and “I don’t have enough money” which fuel the negative emotions of anxiety and fear … hence, the advisor is addicted to survival. It is impossible to build a strong set of values, vision, business plan and goals with this happening. A learned advisor said “most financial advisors are addicted to selling and they will not take the time to build a vision, business plan and goals.”

In Overwhelm – The unmet need of control generates the negative beliefs of “I am out of control” and “no one can do it as good as me” which contributes to the negative emotion of fear. The Law Of Attraction is absolute and with the unmet need of control fueling the negative beliefs and negative emotions, the financial advisor unwittingly will not delegate and if they do, no one will ever be able to do the job as good as them. The unmet needs become their jailor.

Asking For Referrals – Ninety percent of advisors agree that asking for referrals is the number one way to build their business and only fifteen percent actually ask for referrals on a consistent basis. The challenge is the unmet need of approval which generates negative beliefs like “what if they say no” which fuel negative emotions like uncertainty and worry.

“Values are like turtles, they only come out when it is safe.” Unmet needs will dominate one’s values, vision, business plan, goals and ability to grow until the unmet need is met from within.

The Clear Your Roadblocks™ One-on-One Live Coaching Program includes:

  • One full day practice consultation – Not a long-distance, “one size fits all” plan; a day making a plan just for you and your team
  • Time working with you, the owners/senior managers/team – Getting your team directly involved in a lively educational program can help build stronger relationships
  • Values and behaviors assessments for each member of your team + values and behaviors assessment telephone debriefing sessions. Values and why you do what you do. Behaviors are how you do what you do. We all think that our values and behaviors are the correct ones. The only time that we have conflict is when we don’t understand the values and behaviors of the other members of our team
  • 2 – 1 hour personalized Clear Your Roadblocks™ telephone calls per month
  • Detailed personalized coaching call followup e-mails and recordings
  • Bi-weekly group coaching conference calls for you and your team – Getting people together to solve problems and discuss opportunities is far more effective than one person alone

Besides having a business plan which is concise and easy to follow, I’m enjoying even more the personal development work we are doing in my coaching sessions. I have always attended motivational speakers, seminars, workshops and have worked with other business coaches but this is a different experience than everything else that I’ve done.

Carol Jackson

Investors Group
Edmonton, AB

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The Clear Your Roadblocks™ One-on-One Live Coaching Program also includes:

  • A constant relationship with Simon Reilly to educate, guide and keep you accountable to Clearing Your Roadblocks™
  • Special Clear Your Roadblocks™ coaching system that will help you and your team to understand and clear the roadblocks which will allow you to energize your business and increase productivity
  • A set of decisions that will install the next level of disciplines to take your business to the next level
  • Curing The Unmet Needs Disease book
  • One-on-one coaching call prep form (automated)
  • Bi-weekly business building assignments – Never stop learning and growing
  • Weekly Blogs – Information in a steady flow to keep you on track
  • Weekly e-mail progress report (automated) with reply if required – Automated to help you and your team to stay accountable while preparing for the one-on-one and group coaching calls so there is no time wasted
  • Articles, assignments and systems on creating a vision, business planning, time management, delegation, team building, cash flow management, consultative marketing, asking for referrals, the client engagement process – All of this information is exclusive to our Program members and no one else
  • Monthly e-newsletter – loaded with new and exclusive information for you
  • Unlimited e-mail access to Simon Reilly
  • Unlimited telephone access to Simon Reilly ( calls are booked through Laura Reilly )
  • Downloads from our Knowledge Bureau – We have years of information to share

Are you ready to Clear Your Roadblocks™?

Some people might say that it’s pricey and it is expensive, but it’s all about the value that you get out of it.

Simon gives a 30-day money-back guarantee and I took him up on that. I saw the benefit that fast to where I wanted to pay to have him work me.

If you really look at what differences can be made, how to do it, measure it, extrapolate and do this every month, you start to take a deeper look at how you are doing things and you get much better results.

I’m really making some headway and if people are willing to put the work into it, it’s worth every penny of it and I think people would see that for themselves as there’s no risk to anybody trying to work with Simon.
With a 30-day money-back guarantee how can you go wrong?

Because of our work together, I’m one of the top advisors on a national level.

Carl Thoenen
Financial Advisor
Hazelwood, MO

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Get One-on-One Telephone Coaching and rule the highway to success!

This is your opportunity.

Start Right Now

Schedule a complimentary telephone coaching session with Simon Reilly or call 250 248-6012

Still unsure?

Clear Your Roadblocks™ is about you!

Most business learning programs have a few good ideas you can use and a ton of stuff that applies to everyone else. Why pay for anyone else’s learning?

Clear Your Roadblocks™ is a customized approach to getting clear on your vision, goal setting, team building and mission accomplishment.

What are you waiting for?

Success does not knock on your door, opportunity does.

This is your opportunity…

Still unsure?

How about something for nothing to see if this is the program for you?

Here are 3 FREE tools that will convince you that this is the plan that will finally give you the success you need:

  1. It gives you the opportunity to diagnose and fix what isn’t working so you can take your practice to the next level
  2.  You get one full day practice consultation
  3.  You’ll be working with owners, senior managers and/or a team training session
  4.  You receive everything that is included in the Clear Your Roadblocks™ One On One Telephone Coaching
  5.  You receive 2 – 1 hour follow telephone calls per month
  6.  You receive detailed Personalized Coaching Call Follow Up E-Mails & Recordings
  7.  You receive a 37 Page Values & Behaviours Assessment – Completed & Delivered Online
  8.  You receive a Values & Behaviours Assessment Debriefing – 1 hour telephone debriefing with Simon Reilly

Assignments/Systems to Clear Your Roadblocks™ include:

  • Get Your Needs Met
  • Clear Your Limiting Beliefs & Emotions
  • Extend Your Boundaries
  • Create & Use 10 Daily Habits
  • Raise Your Standards
  • Improve Your Attitude
  • Re-Orient Around Your Tru-Values
  • Write Your Personal Vision, Purpose & Mission
  • Assignments/Systems may be included from the Plan * Practice * Profit™ – 12 Month Program depending on what you require.

This breakthrough program also includes:

  • Weekly Goal Tracking Software
  • Priority 24/7 E-Mail and/or Telephone Access to Simon Reilly
  • + The Following from our Digital Coaching Program
  • Downloads from our Knowledge Bureau – (we have years of original content)
  • Digital resources – free on‐line training, coaching and consultancy
  • Access to all intellectual property
  • Constant relationship with a business coach to educate, guide and make you accountable
  • Unlimited 24/7 E-Mail access to Simon Reilly
  • Unlimited Telephone Access to Simon Reilly (all calls booked through Laura Reilly (250) 248-6012 )
  • Daily blog
  • Weekly E-Mail Progress Report (automated)
  • Weekly E-Zine c/w Articles / Assessments / Assignments / Books / Lessons / Systems
  • 90 Day Goal Setting Assignments/Systems to Get Your Year In Gear
  • Weekly Podcasts and Vlogs
  • Monthly Group Coaching Conference Call with the Participants in the Clear Your Roadblocks™, One Page Business Plan™ and Plan * Practice * Profit™ Coaching Programs
  • Monthly E-Newsletter
  • Facebook Group, LinkedIn Connections & Twitter feeds
  • Smart Phone App ( in production )
  • Reading List
  • Professional introductions to the best professional service providers in financial services with no hidden agenda of commissions or fees

To determine if the Clear Your Roadblocks™ Coaching Programs are right for you: