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Leading AdvisorClear Your Roadblocks™

The Definitive Solution for Building Values, Enhancing Positive Behaviours and Increasing Overall Efficiency

Clear Your Roadblocks™ will help you to Build a Strong Foundation for your Business & Personal Life by redefining your Values, Behaviors, Positive Beliefs and Positive Feelings.

Most people in business are not aware of the “Values” that are required to be a success in today’s business world.

When you don’t know what motivates you, you have inconsistent behaviours and you hesitate to take the actions necessary to move you ahead.

The results can be devastating, from conflict, inconsistency and lack of motivation to the worst case scenario: a business and personal life that is perpetually unfulfilled.

This is a unique opportunity to once and for all fix what isn’t working so you can take your practice to the next level.

  • “Values” are WHY you approach your business and personal goals – therefore what Motivates your Behaviour.  Through our research we have identified the Six Key “Values” of today’s Leading Advisors.
  • “Behaviours” are HOW you are currently taking action towards your business and personal goals.

Your redefined Values, Behaviors, Positive Beliefs and Positive Feelings will provide a stronger foundation so that you can focus on and implement these key areas in your business:

  1. Clear Your Roadblocks™
  2. Write Your One Page Business Plan™
  3. Implement Financial Controls
  4. Set, Track & Achieve 90 Day Goals
  5. Get & Stay Out Of Overwhelm, Do What You Love, Delegate, Manage Your Time & Information
  6. Recruit and Lead a Championship Team of Advisors, Marketing Assistants and Assistants … Lay The Foundation For Succession
  7. Attract New Clients through Marketing 1.0, Social Media 1.0 & Social Media 2.0
  8. Increase Sales through Client Segmentation, the Client Engagement Process, Needs Analysis & Asking For Referrals

The Clear Your Roadblocks™ Coaching Programs are offered in the following ways:



I started working with Simon over 9 years ago with a mandate to double my income and provide me with more time for myself and my family, and to enable me to work on my business versus always having to work in it. I met and exceeded the mandate within the first year and have forged ahead to build a Financial Services Practice with a strong team of specialists that provide Critical Illness, Group Insurance, Life Insurance and Money Management.

Nelson Deslippe – CFP, CLU, C.H.F.C
Integral Financial Services Inc.
Vancouver, BC

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Here’s how to determine if the Clear Your Roadblocks™ Coaching Programs are right for you: