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A 6 ?Ǭ? Gig Day!

Well low and behold; you know your speaking is up to speed when they are calling you!

Today we were invited back to present “Keep Your Quarter In Gear” this Friday at the Coquitlam office of Freedom 55 Financial.

And then, we booked a Gig for Sutton Group Realty – 1st West Reality for the October 24th.

And then!!!!

Laura, the Pro-Gig booker – Booked 4 Gigs;

– Royal LePage Real Estate – Vancouver for October 3rd
– Royal LePage Real Estate – Coronation Park for October 25th
– Re/Max Real Estate – Port Coquitlam for October 26th
– Re/max Real Estate – Surrey for November 8th

And to follow that up, Laura had a confirming conversation with the Certified Management Accountants – Victoria for their spring conference.

Woo Hoo!

Just another quiet day at Gig Central. 🙂