it’s time for your brighter future.



double your earnings over the next 3 years?

double your practice goodwill value over the next 3 years?

create a truly self-managing financial advisor business?

become one of the next 100 financial advisor businesses in North America?

On the 15th of January 2022, I am launching a new coaching program, which has never been seen before in North America.

It’s bold, engaging, and thought-leading – as you would expect.

We are continuing the “best bits” from our virtual one-on-one coaching program and introducing the energy and dynamic in a virtual group coaching program – a chance to be inspired and network with your peers in a super positive environment.

Add in my 25 years of experience of working with some of the very best financial advisor businesses in North America – and this is going to be something special.


I’m embarking upon the most ambitious challenge of my coaching career and looking for 100 clients who don’t just want to grow their businesses by a few percentage points – I’m aiming to coach 100 clients looking for 100% growth in earnings AND BUSINESS VALUE over the next three years.

Clients who, between January 2022 and December 2024, want to double their EBITDA and, thus, double their earnings and their goodwill value.




Of course.


Every day.

Worth the effort?

Well, that’s for you to decide…

I have learned from the world’s greatest coaches over the years. People like Chris Barrow, Ken Blanchard, Stephen Covey, Thomas Leonard, Michael Gerber, Tony Robbins and Brian Tracy. One common denominator is the advice to plan around 90-day cycles – four quarters every year – and to achieve marginal gains in each of those three-month periods. So in the 36 months that we work together, we will pass through 12 consecutive 90-day cycles and, I’ll hold you and your senior team accountable for progress in each period.


it’s all about the 90-day cycle, and
here’s what’s included every 12 weeks:


The Supercharged Advisor Business Academy

Every member of your team will have full access to all the resources on our world-class e-learning platform – a massive collection of financial advisor business and personal development assignments, courses, and systems, all with automated quarterly CPD;

The Supercharged Advisor Digital Online Course

Every member of your team will have full access to The Supercharged Advisor Digital Online Course to reignite their vision and values to inspire and sustain their next level of success;

The One Page Business Plan

You will receive a one-year license for The One Page Business Plan. It is an enterprise and performance management system that assures plans and goals created at the beginning of the year are actually implemented and achieved at every level in business and nonprofits;

Assessments For You & Your Team

Unlimited Values & Behaviors Assessments will help us, you and your team improve leadership, management, communication, coaching and, conflict resolution;

The Supercharged Advisor Business Network

Our exclusive and private social network, on which we share all of our resources and stay up to date with what’s happening in the broader world of financial advisor business and personal development;

The Supercharged Advisor Business WhatsApp Groups

Groups through which we can (and do) talk business all day long;

As well as the fundamental business principles that I have shared with my clients since 1997, I’ll be introducing innovation in the following areas:

  • leading your financial advisor business – coaching you to become a leader/business person vs. salesperson;
  • the self-managing financial advisor business – coaching your senior team to manage your business on a day-to-day basis effectively;
  • the “a” client/associate driven financial advisor business – reducing or eliminating your B, C, D client time to enhance your A client time and adjusted EBITDA through associate productivity;
  • advanced financial modeling – monitoring benchmark performance and analyzing the profitability of every producer;
  • low-cost internal marketing – driving new client inquiries through word-of-mouth and digital recommendation;
  • the complete digital client journey – combining technology (IOS) and people (TCO) to maximize conversion and average client value;
  • the ideal team – picking winners – the recruitment and retention of people whose performance, values and, behaviors align with your core values, mission & vision.

The overall objective of ‘The 100’, between January 2022 and December 2024, will be to focus on how to double your EBITDA and, thus, double your profits and goodwill value.


I’m making things straightforward – one community, one price point:

$349 per calendar month per financial advisor business, to include everything listed above.

“If I could show you how to double the earnings and goodwill value of your business in the next 36 months, would a tax-deductible investment of $12,564 seem like a good idea?

TOP 100?